Xavier G. del Valle
Xavier G. Del Valle's been working for domestic and multinational architecture and advertising companies in Barcelona, Chicago, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris and Rome.
He was Executive Creative Director at EstudioR.AG, Sedi, K&E, Lintas SSC&B, C&V, Leo Burnett, NCK, FCB, Publicis, Creativos, Grey, Grey Direct, Grey Interactive and XGV.
He's currently XGV's President/CEO, and gives on a regular basis lectures at the Universidad Complutense and the European University of Madrid.
Previously, he taught Creativity and Copywriting at The European University, was in charge of the Communication and Advertising Master of Fine Arts at Tracor Spain, and of the Advertising Copywriting Course at the Spanish Creative Club.
Xavier studied Architecture and Industrial Design, as well as Advertising in Rome and Madrid, speaks and writes Spanish, English, Italian and French, manages a little German, showed paintings and sculptures in the Madrid Modern Art Museum, and did get plenty advertising awards in Spain and worldwide.
He's been jury of the most important National and International Advertising Festivals, including the Spanish Army Web Page Annual Award.
His career means working for major Spanish and multinational advertisers.
He writes on the professional magazines Anuncios and Publicidad.
Xavier loves doing from time to time a bit of fiction writing. He lives in Madrid Spain EU with his wife and their lovely greyhound and golden retriever.

The Birth of A Genre.

Hazardous journey from Zürich to Osaka. An unexpected
encounter with a pretty flight attendant. A clash of European cultures.
In the cozy closeness of the Business Class, a passenger
remembers his past, dreams his present and anticipates his future.
His life's a mirror-like fairy-tale, a play of see-through looking glasses,
a mirage of sorts. Nothing's real. Nothing's unreal either. The
frontier between true and untrue is a shady fuzzy line. Destiny -
or maybe the long flight's time-span - shall decide the issue.

He who owns a new language owns a new soul. Strawberries
deals with seven languages – that's why its readers deal as well
with seven souls. The pay off is a moving, rich and deeply true
reading experience full of charm and empathy. Strawberries
means following a challenging and emotion-ridden plot
through multiple cloud-like language layers. It gives you the
intense and distressing feeling of a turbulent, eventful, multi-dimensional
and multi-cultural long haul flight. Its end will strike
you like a sudden out of the blue lightning.

Classy and sparkling like premium champagne! The first and
ultimate seven-language – mostly English, Spanish and Italian –
novel ever written. A fast-paced and unputdownable intense love story
aboard an MD11 liner during an emotionally bumpy and
nightmarish journey from Zürich to Osaka. Upgrade to a comfy
armchair, and treat yourself to an ambiguous and enticing
space-time affair. Decode the puzzling dreams and fears of
its vivid and unforgettable characters. Brilliant unusual stuff – an
outstanding novel in a first class of its own. Fly dangerously!

(2nd Edition available now at amazon.com: 11.90 USD)

xgv@xgv.eu & xgv@me.com